"Solutions" is our middle Name™


Equipment Installation and Global Relocations

EXSOLTEC specializes in the installation and relocation of equipment and entire production lines across town, across country or to the other side of the world. Sometimes this means we are literally installing machinery in another “world” and that means planning, resources, experience and professionalism from start to finish.

EXSOLTEC knows these challenges, and while we realize things don’t always go perfectly smooth, at least we are transparent and we get on top of situations as soon as they show signs of running off-course.
We coordinate logistics, riggers and even deal with the authorities along the way.
We even speak multiple languages and offer training for your operators in the respective installation country.
Our team has over 30 years of experience with installations in • Germany • France • Italy • Switzerland • Austria • South Africa • the United States of America • the Philippines • Mexico


Our engineers like to get involved at “think-tank” level where we can provide our customers with expert advice, innovative concepts and out-the-box perspective. Over the years we have built a solid repertoire of experience ranging from machinery design, manufacturability and ergonomics to strategic management thinking.
Our experts are very much at home in the automotive and aerospace industries but we also have very cool projects in the entertainment industry coming our way. When it comes to understanding Polyurethane Processing Systems, there is only a handful of experts globally that have as much experience as our consultants. Whether in window encapsulation or other hi-tech applications if you are working with Polyurethanes, chances are we have brilliant resources for you and your team.
Because our background is so diverse, but yet very in-depth, we are often able to provide the leverage needed to shift paradigms.
Additionally to our technical know-how, we also offer multilingual and multicultural services - because we understand that your business is Global.

Project Management

Our project management team gets involved at ground level, where design and engineering is shaping their vision, objectives and strategy. Our experience and know-how on specialized equipment and out-of the-box thinking has often contributed towards revolutionary concepts and ultimately sophisticated, yet robust and affordable production processes.
We develop and review feasibility data, contribute engineering aspects, research technology and equipment, based on existing processes. Once we have identified the best solution, we present this as a team and agree on a build-strategy.
We always drive towards a proven team philosophy, investing in individual competencies and then assigning supplier and member responsibilities.
We understand manufacturing so we get closely involved with the implementation of every component within the process. Throughout the project we monitor timing and deliverables, predicting potential deviation and remaining proactive.
We don’t micro-manage since we believe this to be counter-productive. Instead we have proven our technique to be highly successful and effective even when we conduct projects on a global level. We understand different cultures and speak many languages. Reporting and detailed analysis become integral part of our tasks and we present them in a transparent and logical way.

3D Models and Design

Our team understands what it means to show leadership in today’s industry. Often prototyping with solid engineering examples is simply the better Solution. We know how much our customers value the aspects of being able to touch and feel models in the conceptualization phase. With a number of CNC systems ready to produce small to mid-sized prototype runs, we can quickly turn ideas into models.


At EXSOLTEC we understand the industry’s ever-growing demands for simplification of processes. Whether you are looking for motion control, robotic precision and repeatability, dynamic process flexibility and modular expansion opportunities - or just a simple PLC solution - we are ready to meet you right where you are. Our dynamic designers work very closely with the engineering team to turn Concepts into Production-ready Solutions. We call this our Concept2Production process.


We require our designers to spend months in the field, supporting the installation, or even to operate workstations. This approach gives them deep insights to aspects that are often overlooked by our competitors. They first hand learn about ergonomics, ease-of-use, robustness and repeatability. Then they learn the quality aspects and requirements of different industries. Ultimately this leads to a broader perspective when it comes to designing tools and equipment. But it also opens the mind about related processes and applications. When that happens, everyone wins!


Our team of programmers, engineers and designers offer a vast spectrum of resources to ensure that you have what it takes to meet the needs of your customer - precisely and always on-time. We have access to a global network of additional developers and system integrators that speak your language and understand our passion for excellence. screenshot-2

Preventive Maintenance

Our philosophy has been, to avoid unpredictable situations as much as possible. If equipment breaks without any prior indication, it usually means that an entire line may be stopped for hours or even days. In most situations though, there are ways to prevent such sudden shut downs. We work with our clients to develop preventive maintenance systems that ensure the routine checks and services are scheduled intelligently. We consider many factors like environmental impact, wear and tear, material fatigue and operator use (or abuse). Because we understand technology, we think like technology and we feel like technology. You can benefit from this by significantly extending the life and reliability of your machinery.

QS Tools, Training and Collaboration

At EXSOLTEC we believe in equipping and training. There are many ways we an help our customers to strengthen their workforce, ensure minimized risk exposure and efficiently run their business.
From hosting quality systems workshops with in-depth FMEA understanding, to facilitating root-cause analysis and even hands-on training for technical maintenance personnel and operators. We offer workshops on-site, or on the other side of the Globe.
Our Training Staff is well versed in English, German, French and Spanish with comprehensive multi-cultural support.