"Solutions" is our middle Name™


To not merely compete – but also lead the way in todays manufacturing Industry, poses high demands on precision, ingenuity, repeatability and reliability. At EXSOLTEC we have learned to deliver and often excel in our aerospace projects. We understand that teamwork and partnerships depend not only on competent solutions, but also on trust. Once such a foundation is established, we know that all this means very little, if the timeline cannot be realized. It is not uncommon that the project experiences significant delays during the design and engineering phases Then customers run into roadblocks to get the necessary approvals, whether in engineering or in financial. Eventually the project moves from conceptualization to realization, but the SOP date hasn’t moved an inch. That’s where our team excels. We welcome the challenge and have a proven track record of making the seemingly impossible possible - not just out-of-State, but Globally. You can trust the EXSOLTEC team to move the proverbial mountains to ensure that your project is still on-target.
We completed a turnkey project for one of the largest aircraft interior companies. The system consists of an innovative 3D - Crush Core Paper Honeycomb Panel manufacturing press, multiple hi-tech aluminum dies, die-storage and transfer technology using air-bearings (HoverCart™) and sophisticated process temperature control. The line operates in the Philippines, producing differently shaped, curved wall sections for the assembly of aircraft lavatories.
EXSOLTEC supported every aspect of this project from equipment design to production and beyond. Our team works around the clock to ensure on-time delivery, precise control and transparency with the customer. The dynamic commitment and integrity of every EXSOLTEC employee is what makes our company different – out of this World.

EXSOLTEC recently installed tooling and assembly stations at the new AIRBUS Final Assembly Line in Mobile, Alabama. With an on-Site office and a team of engineers, welders, riggers and designers we were able to not just contribute, but also bring a positive attitude to the entire installation site. We even had our own CNC machining center in an off-site warehouse, where we produced the custom decking panels, made from Norwegian Birch Hardwood. This process included rapid turnaround times from measuring to design to fabrication on our own CNC router and CNC saw. The process even impressed the engineering team from AIRBUS.

Pictured here is the first Station (Station 41-43) of the Fuselage Assembly for the Airbus A320-Series Planes. EXSOLTEC installed all this equipment. A 3mm tolerance on all the structural steel was required by the customer. However, the tolerances of the Fuselage Positioning System (seen on the tracks) is only microns.

Today more than ever, OEMs have to keep their processes under tight control. There is a very thin line between operator-efficiency and automation. Some processes just cannot be done effectively by machines and robots. However in many instances automated equipment provides more reliability, repeatability and speed, especially in extreme work environments. We like to see the value of “manpower” complimented - not replaced - by the ruggedness and precision of machines.

At EXSOLETC we could never see ourselves as a solutions-provider if we did not also understand the “nuts and bolts” of your operation. That is because we work in the process, design equipment and ultimately provide technology that creates a better environment for the workplace and a robust bottom line for the Corporation. Because if you win, we win! Technology continues to evolve and we have a team dedicated to researching equipment and components that work together as elegant solutions with sophisticated controls and ergonomics. Most production equipment is not typically bought off the shelf at your nearest supermarket.

Each application has a very specific need and this usually requires a totally unique configuration. We take time to help our customers identify their quality risks and exposure. Then we focus on the critical areas that should be addressed immediately. Usually it makes sense to propose modular systems that can grow with the need of an organization and adapt to dynamic processes as these evolve. If required, we concern ourselves with our client’s budget and determine an approach that can be implemented in phases, but significantly increases productivity, process stability / repeatability and reduces / eliminates risk-exposure already in the first phase.
As a global solutions-provider we understand the process of designing and implementing small to large systems that will give you peace of mind and protect your assets.


Glass Encapsulation Technology

Today’s manufacturing and applications require sophisticated, yet flexible production systems. EXSOLTEC has continued to push the envelope when it comes to providing solutions for specialized processes such as glass encapsulation technology, from conceptualization through visualization to the final installation. Our experienced team is committed to the North American market where we provide leadership and know-how along with support and integrity to our clients.
Glass Robot