"Solutions" is our middle Name™


At EXSOLTEC we are passionate about providing solutions, equipment and technology to the marine and yacht market. With an extensive background in this industry sector and an eye for quality and sophisticated systems we offer installation services along with clever designs to even the most demanding application.
From photovoltaics (solar panels) to navigation electronics including low voltage LED lights, radar and satellite equipment, auto-pilot and chart plotters, we help our customers find the right equipment and then we install it to perform reliably, making your boating experience even safer.

That's why we partner with all the top brands of proven marine equipment manufacturers and continuously train our technicians to master the installation and operation of these devices. We believe in knowledge being power when it comes to complete turn-key system solutions. EXSOLTEC is continually sourcing new technologies and innovative products that support our philosophy of safe yachting, even in the most demanding weather conditions.

Jet Thruster Cert


EXSOLTEC is authorized distributor for Holland Marine's patented Jet-Thruster Systems. This unique technology offers maximum maneuverability under silent operation. While other thrusters have large difficult-to-fit tunnels that cause more drag (resistance) and are significantly more invasive to install, the Jet-Thruster™ manufactured by Holland Marine offers smaller parts with a flexible configuration. This allows for a more economically priced overall solution. Fits boats 20' to 60’ (6m to 18m) as combination units or as single bow or stern units, ranging from 66 to 198 thrust lbs. A Two-Thruster Systems can be used for boats up to 120' and a Four-Thruster System can allow you to dock your 40' to 60' Catamaran practically sideways.
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Please click on this Jet-Thruster link or contact our sales team for more information and pricing.

images Click here to Download our Jet-Thruster™ Brochure or click on the Jet-Thruster Logo in the sidebar to be transferred to our Jet-Thruster Website.

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Marine Electronics

The condition of your yacht electronics and instrumentation forms one of the most intricate factors that will determine the safety of your journey. Our level of understanding is leading the industry. Delicate navigation equipment relies heavily on proper isolation and grounding. There are ways to protect your investment and there are others. Our services include everything from determining the best overall components and ensuring intercommunication between devices, to strategic positioning and installing the communication Bus.

Our services include:

  • Engine Controls / Thruster Controls
  • Inverters / Battery Chargers / Photovoltaic Charge Systems
  • Control Panels / Fuses / Digital Displays
  • Navigation / Radar / Chartplotters / Auto Pilot / MFDs / VHF
  • FLIR Night Vision Systems
  • Navigation Lights LED / Low Voltage Lighting / Underwater Lighting
  • Genset Installation and Wiring
  • Sea Air-conditioning and Climate Control

Marine Carpentry and CORIAN™

To compliment our Marine Technology work we are also offer the full spectrum of Marine Carpentry for custom finishes, restoration and refinishing yacht interiors as well as teak and other exotic wood restoration on deck. Our specialized team understands the demands of sea-air, salt water and dynamic stress associated with the life of a vessel.

If your boat is in the Tampa area, we can usually work in your marina, or transfer the project to a marina near us. Our Service vans are fully equipped with all the tools and materials needed to handle most service calls. We have a team of designers who can convert your ideas into reality. Once the customer approves our 3D design, we have a series of fully automated CNC machines cut and shape your custom panels and even CORIAN™ countertops.